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Tablet 7", 8GB, Android 4.0. Ice cream sandwich, Negro

Ref: LL-PC7317-8
90,00 €
(74,38 € + IVA)


Disco SSD 128GB Vector, 128 GB, 63.5 mm (2.5 "), Serial ATA III, 550 MB/s, 400...

Ref: VTR1-25SAT3-128G
128,85 €
(106,49 € + IVA)


NVR-7502-22HD-R rojo Características: TV LED de bajo consumo, compacta y...

Ref: NVR7502-22ROJO
169,47 €
(140,06 € + IVA)

ie8 32 bitwindows 7


HP 650 Essential, 2.2 GHz, Intel Core i3, i3-2328M, 4 GB, DDR3-SDRAM, 1 x 4 GB

Ref: C1N10EA
382,19 €
(315,86 € + IVA)


Samsung GALAXY S4 - Smartphone - GSM / UMTS - 4G - 16 GB - 5" - Full HD Super...

Ref: GT-I9505ZWAPHE  
644,20 €
(532,40 € + IVA)


1.8 GHz, Intel, Z2760, 2 GB,

Ref: XE500T1C-A07ES
661,31 €
(546,54 € + IVA)

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